Independent designer in the field of type design, branding and creativity. 



01. Bedow
        2021 (3 months)

02. Bold Scandinavia
        2021 (1 month)

03. Wenderfalck
        2019 (3 months)
Junior PR Consultant
        2019 (5 months)


04. Berghs School of Communication
Communication Design

05. De Haagse Hogeschool
Art & Culture: Art History and Aesthetics 
Journalism and Media

06. Örebro University
Media, Communication and PR 



 ︎︎︎ @vicodisco

 ︎︎︎ Victoria Englund

Vanadiso – a display typeface

A collaborative typeface with designer Wille Larsson. Vanadiso is a sharp, yet sophisticated display typeface.

WIP typeface

LT Quetta is a versatile grotesque with mechanical feature. 

Abie typeface

A fluid one line typeface challenging traditional letterforms.

Poster Design YR. 
Letter Y and R monogram built up by fluid letter form. 

Artistic Fragments – The works and story of Cecilia Edefalk

Book about the Swedish artist Cecilia Edefalk as part of graduation project from Berghs SoC. Covering the artistic process and connection with nature.

Poetry booklet 

Self-initiated posters for Bon Iver tour 2022.

Drip, wine label

Fictional label design 2022.

Elliptical graphics on Sergels Torg, Stockholm

Stories of Stockholm – In collaboration with the non-profit organization 101 Ord and Stockholm Stad.
101 ord encourages the citizen’s of Stockholm to write about the city. These graphics are made to embrace as well as interpret the stories in an illustrative way.

Stories of Stockholm – Typographic exploration

Ramen Iteration

Anton Neo Grotesque in use.
Images Julie de Graag, RawPixel (CC).

36 Days of Type, 2022
Ninth edition

Leitzel Stretch
A sans-serif typeface inspired by the movements in acrobatics.
Leitzel Stretch is a variable font exploring the movement from a high to low width contrast. This variation implies the effortless extension in movements found in acrobatic and gymnastics.

A homage typeface to Lillian Leitzel.

Lettering and cover for Donda album, Kanye West.

Typographic vinyl cover based on lyric piece “Disagree on how things should be done, on how crisis is born” (Arnika by Sufjan Stevens).

Contribution to Typetrain, a project initiated by DATEAGLE ART.

Iterations of blue

Exploration of analogue textures and shapes. 

Vanadiso – a display typeface. Details. 

Interactive installation and graphics for Studio Live, Fotografiska.

Hypnotic Mirror – A self-absorbed mind

An installation utilising moiré patterns and reflective materials.

Posters for Vasas Flora and Fauna (made during internship at studio Bedow in 2021)

The posters are based on the album covers of “Lottas Svärd” and “Veneziansk afton”.

Edition of 100 screen prints.

Vogue Lettering.
Photos by Ben Pham

Anton Neo Grotesque in use. 

SNOK Lettering

Snok is the Swedish word for grass snakes. These letters are drawn to explore slithering organic letterforms. 

LEJA FREJ Lettering

Lettering built with sharp expanded letterforms with inspiration from Gothic typography.

Classical serif letter forms contrasting the robust symbol.
Custom wordmark and symbol for Holly sailing team to be used on a Monark 606 sailing boat.

36 Days of Type booklet, A

36 Days of Type booklet, B

36 Days of Type booklet, C

Anton Neo Grotesque in use.
Images Julie de Graag & Moriz Jung, RawPixel (CC).

Artistic Fragments – The works and story of Cecilia Edefalk


Liva Antiqua

WIP typeface

Metal scrap letters
36 Days of Type, 2021
Eighth edition

Book and Pattern Design – the Queen’s Gambit

NU Lettering.
Repeting letterforms shaping the Swedish word for now.

Identity proposal for Just Arrived with the brand concept of Growth. JA helps businesses grow with intercultural talents.

Works of Victoria Englund 2019 to present